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Youth – OCYM

Orthodox Christian Youth Movement

The Orthodox Christian Youth Movement (OCYM), the youth division of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church, has been actively leading and embodying Christian values within the Church and wider society for 65 years. Its focus on Worship, Study, and Service contributes significantly to the Church and community's progress and well-being.

Recognizing the importance of fostering fellowship and enhancing spiritual growth among young members, a group from St. Gregorios Indian Orthodox Cathedral established a chapter of the Orthodox Christian Youth Movement in our parish. This initiative aims to shape the youth's perspectives amid contemporary issues and serve as a platform to showcase their talents.

From its inception, the OCYM unit has been actively engaged in various parish activities, including service-oriented projects, retreats, and important Church events like Good Friday and Christmas. The London chapter of OCYM has initiated significant projects such as HALO, which was an ecumenical gathering of Malayali Christians in the United Kingdom and HENOSIS, a gathering of Oriental Orthodox youth.

The parish's Vicar serves as the President of the unit, overseeing the yearly selected committee, led by the Secretary, responsible for its day-to-day operations.

Our parish's OCYM gathers every second Sunday after the Holy Qurbana for sessions that involve prayers, Bible readings, devotional songs, educational classes, quizzes, personality development programs, games, and entertainment activities. The group also organizes several initiatives:

St. Gregorios IOC London
OCYM London Office Bearers 2023-24

Fr. Nithin P Koshy

President (Vicar)

Noby Royce


Sibin Siji

Joint Secretary

Juliet Alexander


Ashil Biju

Youth Coordinator

We warmly invite all young individuals to join our gatherings every second Sunday in our church. Together, we create an inspiring community where we learn to live our daily lives guided by Christian principles. Join us in prayer, discussions, and planning for a brighter future.

Our consistent presence at church brings us closer to other young adults and Sunday school children, fostering Christ-centered relationships. Here, we share our struggles, successes, aspirations, and dreams, reinforcing our connections within a supportive community.

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