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Young Couples

Young Married Couples Fellowship

The Young Married Couples Fellowship began in July 2023 under the guidance of our vicar, Fr. Nithin Prasad Koshy.



The group is for married Orthodox couples of various ages (maximum age 40 years). At present, we have a WhatsApp group as the main means of communication. If you are interested and would like to join, kindly speak to the parish vicar or respective representative. We welcome all married young couples to join us.


We currently hold meetings both face to face and online every 2-3 months and we hope to increase the occurrence of these meetings in the near future.

In 2024 we are also hoping to plan and hold a one-day conference, where all the young couples of our church can come together. The day will be filled with different activities aiming to strengthen the fellowship of our young couples.


Nothing is possible without the guidance of our Lord Jesus Christ, and we thank him for all the help he has given us while we face our daily lives.

As the young couples of our church there are many obstacles that we face in our daily lives. Through these meetings we hope to support, inspire and encourage each other as well as strengthen the faith within our own families.

St. Gregorios IOC London
Young Married Couples Fellowship

Anish George

Young Couple's Representative